Gimme Color

I go through moods. I looked at my closet over our Corona winter and saw a sea of black. This dark pit was a long time in the making. After having 2 boys back to back and working in academia, black really appealed to me. It was chic; it was slimming.

But after a year in lockdown and my final emergence from the haze of babydom, I am ready for some color. 

I want it all. Every hue.

I buy almost everything secondhand (shout out the ThredUP), and there are so many new colors I'm excited to try. I’m remembering how much I loved color until I had to become an adult. Color was how I rebelled against a society that wanted conformity. 

So now that the world has been deconstructed and all we had known is changed, I’ve decided to doff the crusty, dull adult coat that formed over the years, and my freshly exposed and exfoliated skin is ready for some celebration. And I’m going to celebrate with color.

This is not a hate letter to black. I love black. Black adds contrast, and it’s through contrast that we experience and cultivate everything. But, I guess this is just the season that myself, and apparently a large swath of the world, find ourselves in. We want to LIVE! We want to bloom!

And just like all seasons, there will come a time when the world will turn, the pendulum will swing, and I’ll again find my closet packed with black.

But until then, let the color party rage on!

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