SNEAK PEEK! The Better Biker Short

Ever since I started commuting by bike, I've been a biker short girl. I guess once I became aware of the luxury of a little compression plus the security against the unintentional flash, I've worn a select number of shorts that have functioned as my underskirt necessaries. 

That being said, I'm not satisfied. Most of the shorts that I love are actually running shorts. I love the support they give, but not the look. Because these are activewear, I cannot wear these out and about on their own and carry the polished look I desire. And I definitely am not interested in a pad in my crotch with which many true biker shorts are equipped. 

The better biker short marries fashion and function.

  • Made of super soft but sturdy Tencel ponte fabric.
  • Wide compression waistband.
  • Deep side pockets for easy access to your phone, whether your a lefty or a righty.
  • Reinforced gusset in the crotch for extra strength.
  • Short enough for under a skirt; long enough to wear alone.

The shorts are made of fabric milled in L.A., and will need to be dyed to order. Therefore, the first run for crowdfunding will come in either white or black. If there is a color you are dying for (get it?), comment here or on my Instagram to request and I'll see what I can make happen!

Because I am committed to sustainability, my first run will be made small-batch out of Washington, D.C. I'm very excited to work with another small business so close to my beloved Richmond, VA. 

Let me know what you think! Crowdfunding is slated to begin March 1st, 2021! 


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