The wheels are turning...

The wheels are turning.

As many of you know, official launch has been postponed until next spring due to supply chain delays. Sure, maybe I’m a little bit sad about having my timeline blown, but extra time has its benefits (as does a little ego crushing). I’ve taken this space to do some reflection, simplification, and adjustment.

Though the original vision for Posh Cyclist was to create a full range of beautiful garments that were designed with cycling functionality in mind, I don’t want people to think it is necessary to buy a whole new wardrobe in order to #lookgoodinthesaddle. In fact, most of my wardrobe consists of awesome thrift finds which I modify or pair with my Posh samples to make for a more elevated biking style. I don’t want to add to waste. I want people to embrace bike commuting wherever they are in their journey.

Instead, I am creating highly sustainable, high quality, highly versatile garments with the addition of accessories to help make your existing wardrobe more bike friendly.

That means back to development.

At the moment, I have my cycling skirt and visibility vest ready to go! In fact, some of my skirts will be available for purchase this summer at Basket and Bike and Kulwheels in Richmond, VA! I also have some scarves made of dead stock designer fabric cut to reduce bulk under helmets and keep your hair from freaking out (at least that’s what mine does).

Over the coming months, I will be adding accessories like a skirt/pant garter and leg warmers.

And since I’m truly ambitious, I’m aiming to complete samples of a cycling skort and cape as well. 

Designing around function is truly a process and I have been enjoying every moment of creation that Posh Cyclist has allowed me to imbibe. Please sign up for the newsletter to find out where you can find me in real life and see where I am on my road to actual launch!

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