Tips for your first ebike ride

I met a couple who just purchased their first ebikes. Both were in their early 60s and were looking to start their biking journey with a fresh pair of class 2s. They saw me with my cargo ebike and asked for some tips for their test ride. They were especially curious about tips for riding potentially busy bike trails. Here’s what I told them:

  1. Use the throttle. Your ebike has pedal assist, but the best way to get the bike moving is to give it a little throttle as you take off. The throttle is also handy when you hit an unexpectedly tough hill or need to quickly move through an area.
  2. Use the bell to alert people that you will be passing. Use your voice to alert them that you will be “on the left”. Startling people may give you a chuckle, but karma is a bitch.
  3. Ride slow through busy areas.
  4. Fast road bikes will be faster than you. A class 2 only goes up to 20mph (unless you hack it) and some especially fit riders will outpace you.
  5. Lock your bike and take your battery with you if you can. Theft is real. I’ve personally had a very expensive bike stolen, and most who live the #bikelife have been the victims of theft. Register your baby at and with your local police if a registry exists. Then lock it up!
  6. Even though you have an ebike, you will still get a workout. Don’t think you’re going to ride 50 miles and not sweat a drop. You will. You will get tired. You’ll just be able to get a bit further.


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